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As a target audience, we should generally welcome the ability of marketers to limit their messages to us, based on our location. Until they abuse the privilege...  Tq-120910-dm

FutureLab: The Attention Economy is Now the Location Economy, 2012-Aug-30, by Dominic Basulto

Now that smart phones are ubiquitous these days, with people carrying them around 24/7, it changes the economics of the Internet. What does every app ask for these days once you open it up? That's right - they request permission to use your current location. They don't even care if the app is running ambiently in the background, as long as they get your latitude and longitude. That alone should convince you that Location is more important than Attention.

As a result, we’ll start to see radically new types of companies that are built on the basis of Location rather than Attention. Take, for example, Badoo, the fastest-growing social networking service in the world. ... Badoo asks for your location and finds people around you - right now - that you might want to meet. Or, think of how brick-and-mortar retailers are experimenting with apps like ShopKick that only activate when your location has been detected inside a store. ... Or, take for example, the controversial new political app from the Obama campaign. ...the Obama team can use a mobile app to identify the location of potential supporters