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Collecting versus Hoarding

It has certainly become too easy to collect things with a computer. At work, I clipped news stories for a year and then realized I had NEVER referred back to one of them. We see something we think might be useful, and we just CLICK.  Tq-120917-sb

Think before you click! The problem with hoarding is that all the stuff you saved gets in the way of finding the stuff you love. 

Opinionated Geekery: Digital Scarcity, 2012-Aug-11, by Tuhin Kumar

We have become digital hoarders. Saving things mindlessly with hopes that we might need it someday. Sharing things without even wondering if they are worth sharing. Recommending things to others without, in many cases, even spending enough time with what we are recommending. Building things that almost embrace people being mindless, casual, and not having to think about it. Why?

At the risk of sounding elitist, I urge fellow craftsmen to build systems that make people think, ponder, wonder and admire. As a litmus test, anything that makes a person think needs to be held as necessarily better than one that does not.