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I recently came to realize that loyalty includes an element of submission. If I'm loyal to Sony, I'm going to have to quit thinking about the MacBook Air. Tq-120924-aaMy last three laptops have been Sony Vaio computers, and they have served me well. The company has behaved in a supportive, predictable way. They're not perfect, but they have certainly earned my trust. 

Of course, Sony is not my friend. They're a supplier. Will they really notice when I'm gone? Probably not. I'm not significant to them, but I certainly will never be signficant to Apple, either. 

On the other side of the table, Sony earns my loyalty by thinking about my needs. I really need a laptop that weighs little but has a pretty big screen. A big part of my job is moving data from one application to another. If Sony stops making those type of computers, then I will leave without any twinge of guilt. 

FutureLab: Why your organisation is not customer-centric, 2012-Sep-8, by Maz Iqbal

...when the customer talks about a company being customer-centric he is talking about and pointing at a company that shows up for her as being in business ‘for the sake of contributing to/enriching the lives of customers’...