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What does loyalty mean?

For much of the business world, loyalty is a behavior of repeat purchase. As a marketing manager, I find that "repeat purchase" is often blocked by external factors beyond my control. Where I can make a contribution is in the building of solid, long-lasting relationships with people who may purchase or may influence purchase. Tq-120829-pp

Many companies cheapen loyalty with discounts and barriers to exit. But if you create what Signorelli calls "brand affiliation," you can build a base of supporters that will hang around even when the kids are grown and they don't need to buy your toys anymore. These supporters will bounce back stronger when the grandchildren are born, and recommend you to everyone. 

There are days when I feel like the only professional who sees this. And then there are days when I discover professionals like Joanna Lord at SEOmoz

Entrepreneur: 5 Ways to Take Customer Loyalty to the Next Level, 2012-Aug-6, by Joanna Lord

Tracking and improving customer loyalty can be a challenge if no one specific is managing it. Good candidates for this responsibility often come from customer service, marketing, operations or product teams. The key qualifications are the ability to work well with others and a belief in the value of both qualitative and quantitative data analysis.

Whoever you choose should understand that customer loyalty may touch a number of departments at your company, but it deserves its own champion for maximum success.