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Don't let someone else define leadership

Tq-120817-lpWhenever I absorb someone else's idea about leadership, I always become anxious that I won't measure up. When I think about what I have to share and how well I want other people to do, I'm energized again.

Penelope Trunk: How to tell if you have leadership potential, 2012-Aug-9

When you look at your own potential for leadership, look at your capacity for transparency, your ability to deliver difficult news to the people around you, and your interest in inspiring grand behavior in people who might not be feeling so grand. These are the tasks of leaders today. It’s a different challenge than leaders of earlier generations, which is why so many people fear there’s a leadership vacuum. In fact, we are entering a new realm of leadership that is collaborative and uplifting. And for some of you this will mean your time has come.