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In a new model for economic success, people are slack resources to be leveraged

I believe the next big wave of successful entrepreneurs will find a way to tap into our under-employed people. The old model of searching for a low-risk peg to fit into the hole in your organization is becoming uncompetitive. Instead companies need to look at the under-utilized human resources right under their noses. The managers who can leverage the desire of everyone to make a contribution will build the next business empires. 

Edge Perspectives: From Race Against the Machine to Race With the Machine, 2012-Aug-22 by John Hagel Tq-120824-bd

If we reduce work to highly specified and standardized instructions that can be performed efficiently and predictably, what have we done? We have reconceived work so that it can be performed by computers and robots. In fact, computers and robots are far more preferable than humans because we humans are ultimately unpredictable and have a really hard time following instructions to the letter, day in and day out.

In this environment, it’s quite natural to view workers as fungible, cost items.