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Why customers don't stay happy

Wouldn't it be nice if happy customers were enough? Unfortunately, you have to plan on evolving with them. And they can seldom explain the situation to you, even if they had the time.

Tq-120821-lhCustomer Centric Growth: Understanding Your Brand's Ecosystem, 2012-Aug-20, by Steven P. Dennis

During the nineties we [at Sears] worked hard to improve within our narrowly defined ecosystem (existing product focus, mall-based distribution), rather than see how the ecosystem was evolving. If we had truly understood and accepted the evolution of the ecosystem we had dominated for years, it would have been clear that we HAD to be in the home improvement warehouse business.

You know how this has played out. The fundamentally stronger organisms began to win out. Sears’ failure to participate meaningfully in the evolved ecosystem has doomed them to mediocrity at best; eventual demise in the most likely scenario.

Sears is just one high-profile case, but there are many other brands that have become extinct or largely irrelevant by neglecting to truly understand the ecosystem in which they live. Or die.