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Don't make your customer a target

Here's an interesting story about how Target the store avoids letting its "guests" become "targets" themselves. Even with their suppliers, most people don't want a relationship that's driven solely by money. Loyalty means that we recognize each other's needs, including the need to be left alone sometimes. 

Hub Magazine: Intents and Purposes, 2012-Jul/Aug, by Brian DeLong of CatapultRPM

Tq-120720-tdTarget [the store] is 100 percent focused on delivering the needs of the Target guest. Merchants, marketers, store associates and even the finance team all have a clear sense of who the guest is, and how they can improve the guest’s experience. That allows them to set five-year plans in place across multiple departments and business units with the confidence that they’re all moving in the same direction.

For outside vendors, their definition of partnership and collaboration revolves around putting the guest first. The guest isn’t just a shopper; she’s a complex person who is intelligent and demanding and special. For these reasons, a vendor who walks in with “consumer insights” in mind rather than “guest insights” is misunderstanding the values of Target. Most important, that vendor is missing why the shopper chooses Target and how she chooses the brands that go in her basket.