How to get someone to do something when they don't feel like it
Using systems to measure an ad's like-ability

Finding something to talk about, that's a marketing job.

I love the "blogging is like jogging" quote below. Marketing has got to start pulling more and more practices from journalism, which is good because there are a lot of under-employed journalists. You can see what our local guys have been doing at the Lone Star AwardsTq-120717-yd

The definition of "interesting" is "of interest to your audience" which is the hardest part for marketers. Current events and great writing are the touchstones. 

Hubspot: How Even 'Boring' Industries Can Create Interesting Content, 2012-Jul-12, by Corey Eridon

Remember in elementary school when your teacher explained complex concepts in analogies? We do that here -- for example, we like to say that blogging is like jogging so that our customers understand they won't get results from their blog unless they publish consistently. Taking a similar angle in your content can help make a dull concept a little more interesting, too. For example, remember last year when everyone and their mother was baking cupcakes, there were 20 new reality shows about cupcakes and the people who bake them, and everyone left their jobs to pursue their lifelong dream of baking cupcakes? Yeah, we jumped right on that gravy train and wrote a blog post called "Marketing Lessons From the Cupcake." It did insanely well. I mean, who doesn't like cupcakes?