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Cherish the customers that speak up

Distinguish your company values or wind up in conflict

When a company is desparate for a particular skill or talent, it tends to ignore the value system of the new person being brought in. If the company values are easily distinguished, that person can adapt. Tq-120730-wvI say "distinguished" because value systems are alway on/off for specific values. As in we value speed over deliberation. Or we value data over intuition. If the company doesn't know what's subordinate, they don't know what's primary. 

A VC: While Building the Business, 2012-Jan-16, by Fred Wilson. (via Neil Perkin)

Companies are not people. But they are comprised of people. And the people side of the business is harder and way more complicated than building a product is. You have to start with culture, values, and a committment to creating a fantastic workplace. You can't fake these things. They have to come from the top. They are not bullshit. They are everything. There will be things that happen in the course of building a business that will challenge the belief in the leadership and the future of the company. If everyone is a mercenary and there is no shared culture and values, the team will blow apart. But if there is a meaningful culture that the entire team buys into, the team will stick together, double down, and get through those challenging situations.