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Things to love: Robert Boyd's art reviews #li

In order to get back into the swing of blogging, I'm going to concentrate on sharing things I love. Today, I'm sharing an excerpt from his review of Ricky Armenariz at the Art League. 

The key in criticism is to say something as interesting as the artist did, but make it fit with the work in a complementary way, even if it's not a compliment. Robert nails it. 

And I agree with Ricky... I want more and more. 

The Great God Pan is Dead: "Tu Crazy Baby" - Ricky Armendariz at the Art League, 2012-May-30, by Robert Boyd

Ricky Armendariz, masymasymas, 2010, oil on carved birch plywood, 14" x 24"

But his overarching subject seems to be dangerous desire--wanting more and more, as masymasymas implies. Bad love affairs, drugs, money--all of these fit into that burning need for more. Ricky Armendariz depicts a world where things get bad, but they never get boring.