How to integrate your online self with your true self. #li
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Want to change things for the better? Build a creative circle #li

More and more evidence is piling up that in order to change things you have to hang out with the right people.

Time: How We All Can Be 'Creative Types' 2012-Apr-5, Interview of Jonah Lehrer by Andrea Sachs

Creativity is often associated with the singular, with a single person at his desk or talking a walk. It’s actually much more social. We often associate entrepreneurship with one person — it’s Steve Jobs, it’s Richard Branson, it’s Oprah Winfrey — when actually part of their creativity is who their friends are. The same is true for genius like William Shakespeare or Plato. They arrived in clusters; they weren’t alone. William Shakespeare lived in the same city at the same time with Francis Bacon, Christopher Marlowe and John Dunne. That’s not an accident.