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What if you could change the culture in your city? #li

Most of us just accept the 'normal behavior' of a place as something that's handed to us. We have to deal with it. But that's not true, as Grant McCracken has demonstrated. The challenge is having the ingenuity and patience to make changes. 

Harvard Business Review Blogs: Could a Social-Media Tool Increase Kindness? 2012-Jun-12, by Grant McCracken

As Alex Bentley, Mark Earls, and Michael O'Brien have recently pointed out, we are profoundly social creatures who absorb and imitate the behaviors of others — often without thinking about it much. This is the way fashion works. Before we know it, and without making a conscious decision, we find ourselves wearing fuchsia or buying Capri pants. We are hard pressed to explain ourselves, because this social change worked by an invisible logic and in tiny increments.