What an amazing group of people, my friends
Notice how much you ignore. #li

Art car parade: vehicle for meaning #li

For a long time now, my favorite seasonal event has been the Art Car Parade in Houston.  I must have seen it for the first time in 1989, its first big success. I haven't made it to every parade, but I've become friends with one of the artists, Susan Venus, pictured below.

This year I took more pictures than I can process, which is really disappointing. Here's what I've done so far: http://www.flickr.com/photos/theresa_qviews/sets/72157629716707920/.



When I look at my Art Car pictures, I'm looking for the stories of the people and their cars. Art cars are as much inventions as art works. When you drive the car, you are putting out this story about yourself. I'm thinking about commissioning one from one of my favorite artists. I have an old van and I'd love to take my friends in the van in the parade. I wonder what that says about me?