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Cultivating resilience in the face of uncertainty #li

Don Peppers has always been one of my role models, and I love this recent post in Fast Company magazine. I'm going to paraphrase his strategies because that's how I embed things in my brain... 

  1. Use tools that quickly show a range of possible outcomes.
  2. Accept the fact that you've got to be prepared for the range, not your favorite.
  3. Leverage the most predictable aspect of a situation.
  4. Use a decision-making process that you respect and that informs you, and then you won't have to agonize over a bad outcome. (It was a learning experience, right?)
  5. Be like a tennis player, according to my friend Peter Bishop, bouncing on your toes and ready to return the ball. (Sorry, Peter, if I slaughtered your metaphor). 
  6. Establish yourself as trustworthy, not perfect. 

Fast Company: 6 Strategies for dealing with uncertainty in business, 2012-Mar-13, by Don Peppers

I replied yes, but did he know how many other new businesses I had actually started or tried to get funding for, at one time or another? No? Six. “What happened to them?” he asked, trying to take this in. I failed every time, that’s what. A group legal services firm, an all-first-class airline, a fax-based media company, a real estate investment operation, a marketing consulting business...down in flames, each of them. But Martha’s and my business had succeeded...