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You don't have to be an entrepreneur to enjoy adventures. Although I enjoyed being an entrepreneur, it was not something that worked. I do enjoy being a member of a team, and that's working really well. So from here I'll be heading west. Generally.  090414p

PaulGraham.com: Frighteningly Ambitious Startup Ideas, 2012-Mar, by Paul Graham

I think the way to use these big ideas is not to try to identify a precise point in the future and then ask yourself how to get from here to there, like the popular image of a visionary. You'll be better off if you operate like Columbus and just head in a general westerly direction. Don't try to construct the future like a building, because your current blueprint is almost certainly mistaken. Start with something you know works, and when you expand, expand westward.

The popular image of the visionary is someone with a clear view of the future, but empirically it may be better to have a blurry one.