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5 posts from March 2012

More reasons to be proud of Houston: Wozny, Jones, Carrithers, and Newman collaborate for higher meaning in dance #li

When you see collaborations like this one, which vault the team members to new levels of meaning in their art, you realize that Houston is a special place we need to promote and support.



CultureMap: Floating in Time... Modern dancer's improvisations are a perfect match for extreme slow-motion video, 2012-March-26, by Nancy Wozny

A close-up shot with Jones looking off into the distance points to the project's heart, an examination of a performer's otherworldly experience. "She's somewhere else, in that creative place. She's not terrestrial in that moment," muses Carrithers. "That's what this whole experiment was about, to catch a glimpse into those moments."

You'll have to keep running just to stay in place. #li

Below is one of the most insightful things I've heard anyone say about web development. Truthfully, the same is true about business design these days. If you aren't constantly evolving in response to changes by your competitor, your customers will be drawn away. 

Coconut Headsets: Dynamic Web Strategy and The Failure Of Best Practices, 2012-Mar-19, by Rob May

One of the difficult things about redesigning a company website is that everyone has an opinion. What’s worse is that everyone has data to back it up.

Why the target audience will always forget us. #li

Because they have more important things to do...

MENG Online: What others think about you is none of your business, by Peter Engler, 2012-Feb-1

Realize, please, that you can only do so much about marketing yourself and impressing your profile and goals on others. Do your best and then leave it to the gods and move on to another opportunity or activity that offers promise.

Frankly, others probably think you’re terrific. They are just spending most of their time on their own careers and jobs, and all the work it takes to keep them alive and growing.

Enjoy "Emotional Equations" with me Wednesday night at Brazos Books

Last week I took an impulsive trip to NYC to see Chip Conley talk about his new book, Emotional Equations. Then I found out that he'll be here on Wednesday, March 7 at the Brazos Bookstore. Chip is the archetype of the CEO who leads with his heart. He's been my inspiration for the last ten years. You'll glow, you'll grow, and you have lots of fun. See you there.