Explaining ideas, from every direction, giving them a life #li
Interrogation beats affirmation #li

We're always trying to achieve 'free, perfect, now.' #li

Making the customer happy has never been easy. There's no objective answer that will satisfy their contradictory needs. And they really don't expect a final answer. They expect you to pay attention and keep trying.

How we move: The strategic planner's dilemma--find a balance between why and what, 2011-Dec-29, by Carolin Dahlman

Through my side business as a coach, helping people with personal relationships, I´ve seen how often we say one thing and mean another; how we are complex and how we want a lot of things at the same time, whether they can be combined or not. I´ve learned that we self sabotage and can hurt others in order to be loved. We are confused and wonderful, lost and found. There are so many layers. Quant studies just can´t see them; they only become visible when the tea is finished...