Planning to share ideas in a sustainable way #li
We're always trying to achieve 'free, perfect, now.' #li

Explaining ideas, from every direction, giving them a life #li

The best ideas do not survive. The ideas which receive the best support survive. I highly recommend this entire article, but the two points that were most powerful for me are below.

Life. Then Strategy: How to explain an idea, 2011-Mar-16, by Mark Pollard

4. Show, pause, repeat your way through
Do not over-speak. Do not speak quickly. Speak less than you think you need to. Take. Your. Time. Repeat a key word several times through the presentation (they say 7 makes it stick).

If possible, show your idea.  Show people (customers) implying, anticipating or explaining the idea. Get out of the way of your idea. It’s not about you. I know, I know: you think it is. It never is.

5. Let other people finish your sentences
Pausing allows people to grasp the idea and process it through their own mental frameworks. You know you’re onto something when someone you’re presenting to says… “And you could then…” That’s what you want. Let them keep talking. Pauses make it happen. Counsellors do it all the time… apparently.