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Planning to share ideas in a sustainable way #li

Lead generation is not about flashes of brilliance. #li

When people ask about the secret of lead generation, I know they are looking for a silver bullet, to be shot one time, making all the prospects flock to them. Not happening. Lead generation is about slog, slog, slogging consistency and persistence. 

Hubspot: Sustainable Lead Generation, 2011-Dec-23, by Corey Eridon

1.) Blog, blog, blog. If you haven't already started a blog, do it. If you have one, write for it consistently. If you're not sure how often you should blog, take a look at your organic competitors. If they are blogging twice a week, outdo them and blog four times a week. Just make sure you're not winning the quantity game by sacrificing quality.

2.) Keep other web pages up to date. The frequency with which you post and update content matters in search engines, and to people. Blogging is a great solution to this, but don't neglect the rest of your website. Update your event pages, news pages, product and service pages, and 'about us' pages to stay up to date with the pace at which your industry moves. No, you won't update these as much as your blog, but keeping the content fresh and timely is crucial to maintain relevancy.