The new cult of customer development #li
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Here's an idea: don't exploit your customers. #li

If business is war, the usual victim is the customer. Don't just plan to take their time and money. Think about what you can give them. The big idea won't fix your marketing, 2011-Dec-9, by Joe Pulizzi

If you have a customer communication challenge, is one big idea going to fix that? Not in the least. It won’t be fixed by a glam-packed 30 second spot, print campaign, or even the integrated strategy itself. Even a decade ago, we drew on research at Penton Media (a large B2B media company) that indicated it took at least seven messages from a company for a buyer to get to the decision stage.  I’m sure you could easily double that number today.

Here’s the solution for 99% of the businesses out there: It’s not one big idea but a series of small, ongoing conversations with your customers, distributed through the media your customers use. This requires intimate knowledge of your customer and a determination to leave your customer, on each occasion, in better shape than you originally found them.