Networking toward the top #li
Here's an idea: don't exploit your customers. #li

The new cult of customer development #li

I was sad to miss the opportunity to hear Steve Blank present recently, but I was too busy working on "customer development" at MosquitoZone. I'm glad to see his ideas spreading throughout the technology community. Back when I worked with Compaq, 'product development' was where all the cools kids wanted to be. 'Customer development' is much more civilized. 

Coconut Headsets: Customer development and inbound marketing in practice, 2011, by Rob May

Customer development is about more than just asking people what they think about your product. It’s about understanding workflows and attitudes, needs and desires, and so much more. When we do customer development interviews, maybe 20% of the focus is on what we offer. The rest of the time is spent on understanding the target customer and their overall needs relative to this space.