Decorating my mind with a Cube Grenade from Hugh MacLeod's
Way to start Thanksgiving: my boss told me she's glad I'm working with her. #li

Don't thoughtlessly let Facebook create your image. #li

I have seen amazing benefits from Facebook, many of them beneficial to me personally. But I will not carelessly let it create the me that it thinks exists based on the information it harvests. I don't agree with everything I read. 

CNet News - Molly Rants: How Facebook is ruining sharing, 2011-Nov-18, by Molly Wood

Sharing and recommendation shouldn't be passive. It should be conscious, thoughtful, and amusing--we are tickled by a story, picture, or video and we choose to share it, and if a startling number of Internet users also find that thing amusing, we, together, consciously create a tidal wave of meme that elevates that piece of media to viral status. We choose these gems from the noise. Open Graph will fill our feeds with noise, burying the gems.