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Decorating my mind with a Cube Grenade from Hugh MacLeod's

In my new job at, I don't even have a cubicle. I have a big comfy office with large windows. To keep myself on track in my job as a marketing manager, I ordered a new picture to hang above desk. 


At the website, artist Hugh MacLeod looks at contemporary marketing and pushes us all to take our game to the next level. This cartoon, "all products are conversations," refers to The Cluetrain Manifesto book which presents some revolutionary ideas about how companies ought to relate to its customers--as people. 

My goal is to enable one-to-one relationships in the organization I'm marketing. That requires creating the space where conversations can take place. And it's a real struggle. Many company owners and managers are impatient and just want to blast a message. Or they want to snag people and ask one question, "Do you want to buy?" Speaking as a member of the public, we don't have to put up with that any more.