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Hard at work trying to tame the technology so we can track more leads. #li

I love technology, especially when it promises that you can reach further and touch more people. For the last couple of weeks I've been wrangling with a cool but unpredictable program called Elements CRM. So much promise! So much frustration! I'm trying to keep perspective on how far we've come versus being disappointed that we're not where I thought we would be. 

The New Place

We have a new place. A condo at 1400 Hermann, 16th floor. We haven't put our old place on the market yet, but we hope to be moved in by Christmas. 


We have several views, but this one is the best. 


And here's what it looks on the inside. The balcony is being renovated by the Homeowner's Association, and it will NOT be ready by Christmas. But we are going to have a lot of fun getting new furniture. Oliver Goldesberry has signed up to be our Interior Designer. Thanks to realtor Charlie Neath for keeping us sane.