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For business, the pressure is on to hold up your end of the conversation. #li

Every business owner I know complains about having to 'generate content' but it's a central challenge to being a good marketer. It's wonderful if you know all about your customers' problems, but even then you have to help them put their issues into perspective. Sharing knowledge is key. 

Hubspot blog: How marketing automation fits into inbound marketing, 2011-Aug-25, by Meghan Keaney Anderson

As a tool for helping companies scale personalized communications, marketing automation has a lot of potential. But its success will always be dependent on how marketers put it to use. Are you providing useful content that reflects leads' individual needs and experiences with your company? Or are you just interrupting leads' decision-making processes with three times the number of sales emails? To a lead, the difference is night and day.   

Accept slow growth to maintain loyalty #li

Nordstrom competes by ignoring its rivals and trusting its customers and employees. I highly recommend this article which shares how thoughtfully and cautiously they are building their business. 

BusinessWeek: How Nordstrom Bests Its Retail Rivals, 2011-Aug-11, by Cotten Timberlake (via Reveries)

After a slapstick impression of tying the shoelaces of a recalcitrant child, he warmed to his theme, which is to err on the side of tolerance. Blake mentioned the time he unknowingly kicked out the wife of a famous rock star for repeatedly returning merchandise. Later, when the singer showed up to complain, Blake learned whom he had offended. She was buying tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of apparel at another Nordstrom and returning a fraction of it to his store. Blake apologized, of course, and accepted the returns. As his father used to tell him, that’s how the Nordstroms pay for dinner.