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Why innovators never know whether they have something or nothing until too late to save face.

Grant has done a great job of describing how I feel when I'm working on the Passport To Loyalty project. And reminds me that I've GOT to get a prototype out so people can start pissing all over it. 

Harvard Business Review Blogs: Who and what is an entrepreneur? 2011-Jul-25, by Grant McCracken

Working outside the capsule of culture means the entrepreneur can't ever be entirely sure he or she has got something. Especially in the early days, there is lots of shaking the head and furrowing the brow. It's as if the entrepreneur is playing the game that amuses David Letterman and Paul Schaffer when they try to decide whether an act is "something or nothing." In the early days, because we don't have the lens of culture in place, it is hard to know what we are looking at, let alone whether we are looking at, say, the future of computing, soft drinks, TV programming . . . or not. My favorite symptom of this moment in the entrepreneur's lifecycle is when people say stuff like, "Okay, take me through this idea again! Slowly!"