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What type of strategic planner are you? Psychic, consultant, numbers addict? #li

If you're looking for a fresh point of view on marketing, follow Carolin Dahlman, a Swedish transplant to Australia who started out as an analyst for public relations and politics, moved into personal coaching, and is now chewing up the international marketing arena and spitting out many insightful comments. 

By the way, since I love models, I'm probably the management consultant type. What type are you? The discussion of planners starts about halfway into her blogpost. 

How we move: There are 4 types of strategic planners - who are you? 2011-Jul-23, by Carolin Dahlman

I've interviewed strategists from various agencies in different countries, and I've attended several conferences (I´m new in strategy and doing a speed course :) and understood there are 4 types of strategic planners out there:

1. The number addicts
2. The psychics
3. The scientists
4. The management consultants

Where to share

Although paid advertising will always be valuable (especially in the form of sponsorships), we are witnessing that tool being surpassed by what we used to jokingly refer to as 'word of mouse'--back when you had to forward an email to your friends. Jeff Bullas has an excellent eye for this race track. Winners? Too early to tell, but expect to see each channel settle into its own stride. Is it better to share on Google, Facebook or Twitter?, 2011-Jul-17, by Jeff Bullas

Google proudly announced 2 weeks after the Google+ launch that it was sharing one billion  items per day. Mark Zuckerberg revealed at a recent announcement that on Facebook

  • Users are sharing 4 billion items on the Facebook social network everyday
  • This is double what it was a year ago
  • This trend will continue and predicts that it will double again in 12 months
  • The new apps they are developing will make sharing easier

Where does Twitter Fit in this Sharing Social Web?

Twitter revealed (via a tweet of course) that it is sharing 350 billion tweets a day that makes the Google+ announcement seem rather dismal at only 1 billion.