What am I going to ship today? Looking forward to finding something in all my projects that will LEAVE my desk. #li
Didn't ship any products today, but did make some decisions, and found some new resources.

Is loyalty a ritual?

In working to better understand loyalty, I've often heard from marketers who want to capture customers and get them to buy unconsciously. However, as a consumer it usually sounds like a negative position to occupy. But I do value the rituals that keep my life running smoothly. For instance, I do wish that shoe buying could be an unconscious ritual, not a freaking expedition into unknown territory. (Yes, I've been on Zappo's and they keep surprising me--not a good thing.) I just wish you could buy the same women's shoe twice. And not have it look like a nurse's shoe. 

Hub Magazine: Ritual Attraction: Connect with consumers by understanding their brand rituals, 2011-Jul/Aug, by Don Growhoski

When marketing to the subconscious, branding professionals should attempt to transform every brand interaction from a routine conscious occurrence into a ritual experience.