Is loyalty a ritual?
Staying at my desk today and working on my resume. #li

Didn't ship any products today, but did make some decisions, and found some new resources.

This morning I was going to post on the Creative Houston blog, but after experimenting with it for a couple of hours, I've decided to use the Articles section of the web site for sharing. The e-Directory blog is not set up well for sharing. So now my goal for tomorrow is to 'ship that article' to the front page of the web site. 

Then I had a very good lunch with a team member where we moved a project forward by indentifying something we could work on together. We had been kicking ideas around for weeks without finding something that could leverage our existing talents, skills and resources. So that was a relief. 

When I came back home and looked at my messy desk, I just felt overwhelmed. So I spent all afternoon cleaning and organizing and throwing stuff away. The most amazing thing is that I don't not find any dropped balls under the mess. Instead I found a couple of lost things and a couple of forgotten resources. 

So no product shipments, but still a pretty good day.