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Here's what I'm loyal to...

Certain forces in your life make a reliable contribution. You come to rely upon them. And sometimes you start taking them for granted. For a little while here, I'm going to focus on what makes me feel loyal. If I spend time and/or money with these brands, I know what I will get 

  • Kroger
  • Honda Accord
  • Amazon
  • Sony Vaio
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • American Express
  • Rick's Car Care

Brands that disappoint me or make my life more difficult

  • Facebook
  • Yahoo
  • Comcast
  • AT&T
  • State Farm
  • Columbia University

I feel very trapped by the names on the second list. They take a lot of my time or money without making me feel supported. Maybe I should work on excising them. 



If you're innovating, you'll need a map

Innovation is risky enough without working to anticipate the challenges. The best new tool I've discovered is the ecosystem map described here.

Mediapost Marketing Daily: Creating Ecosystem Maps, 2001-Jun-7, by Laura Patterson:

An ecosystem map provides a visual representation of the network. It depicts all the network members, such as buyers, competitors, distribution channels, and influencers, and graphically represents the relationship of these members to each other. A key value of the map lies in its ability to identify and visually represent these relationships.

Wondering about a better way to network #li

Enjoyed meeting Melissa Darragh at TEDxHouston happy hour last night. She has set me to thinking about the networking model again, as did Kelsey Ruger when he as pushing this thread in Quora. 

You can look at a thousand ice-breaking tools and structured networking tools, but the first requirement is that you have someone who wants things to be different. Most people just don't care. An exchange of business cards still works good enough for them. 

I wonder if there is a way that we can change things at an attendee level, instead of expecting the organizers to change it up. Durwin Sharp has a little booklet called a Passport, full of questions you can ask someone to fill in, but it takes a big bite of time and commitment to use. Maybe we can develop something more casual. Suggestions welcome. 

How to talk with your customers, not at them

If you want to use news to build content on your web site, be careful not to spend too much time talking about yourself. Fortunately the firehose of information coming through the internet allows you to pick interesting stories that you can discuss with your customers. 

Mediapost Marketing Daily: The Curation Notion, 2011-Jun-20, by Len Stein

Content curation proposes moving beyond today's typical brand dialog that, in its one-sidedness, ... threatens to alienate its audience rather than enhancing engagement. Moreover, how many companies have the resources to consistently produce useful, insightful and balanced content?