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Failure is acceptable, but it takes work to make it productive

The key to failing well is learning from the experience. Fortunately, learning is something I enjoy.

Fast Company Design blog: Among Six Types Of Failure, Only A Few Help You Innovate, 2011-Jun-28, by Jamer Hunt

With this extended vocabulary, we may now be able to recognize that there are valuable kinds of failure that are essential to innovation processes (version and predicted), while acknowledging that there are other types of failures that do little good. The old adage is correct: We do learn from failure. And there’s no question that out of failure -- even abject failure -- we emerge transformed in ways that may ultimately be beneficial. But that does not mean that all failures deserve a trophy.

Hoping to finish Columbia Club biz plan, Creative Houston site restructure and new bio this week

Spent the day writing blog posts, updating databases, and editing business plans. It looks like I'll be able to finish the second draft of the business plan for Columbia University Club of South Texas, the revamping of the Creative Houston categories on the web site, and my new biography this week. Also worked on accounting and correspondence, including two invitations.