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The opposite of cold calling

When I started reading this article, I was disappointed the reporter referred to inside salespeople working through their database of existing customers as performing 'cold calls.' Then I remembered that outside my world, much confusion exists about the jargon and techniques. So when is a sales representative just a telemarketer? When is a phone call 'cold?' Read through the interview and consider how proud of his job this employee is. I would call this the exact opposite of cold calling.

NY Times: Good Tweets Are Nice, but Group Sales Fill Seats, 2011-Apr-18, by Patrick Healy

“I can’t remember the last time we had so many star-driven, big-budget, well-advertised shows opening all at once, and our group buyers want the skinny on them,” Ms. Lee said. “Facebook is a way for shows to tout themselves and then hope fans will post on the site so buzz can go viral. That’s a great tool, but the buzz from all these shows can become deafening. We’ve found that on Broadway group buyers still want an agent they know who can tell a hit from a flop.”