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9 posts from March 2011

Cynthia Neely: Houston needs to Decide about the Astrodome

If the county can’t afford the $30 million to make it habitable, what will they do if it disintegrates into a pile of rubble? Will they surround it with orange cones and yellow “Do Not Cross” tape and vow to remove it when the economy improves?

At the very least, the Astrodome ball field could be used for indoor parking. An expert structural engineer once said there was even enough room for 500 more parking spaces underneath the field.

It’s our money, so what do taxpayers prefer? 


Okay, now I'm officially angry. The building could be re-purposed for some mundane objective like parking or storage, for less than the cost for tearing it down. Why do we let our city and county politicians use it as a political pawn??

Third Place at Startup Weekend

Our team launched development on a mobile application nicknamed Event Connect. The idea originator and team leader Jason Lee made the presentation. We came in third. 

Event Connector is a viable product idea, and I hope Jason gets to commercialize it. As a result of the weekend, I learned a lot about development of technology ideas. Number one: go for your core functionality first. Don't start at the beginning.