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The campaign method applied to social media

Although advertising campaigns are problematic, the method of building a campaign holds true today. First you decide what you want your target audience to DO, then you figure out what will persuade them, then you find out what type of media they listen to, then you convey that message in the appropriate media, each part crafted to work well in that media It seems to me that social media people have to rediscover this. 

The Social Media Marketing Blog: Blogging is Dead, 2011-March-3, by Scott Monty

For the marketers among us, we need to be prepared for all eventualities in this scenario. Which means the need to cater to the attention-starved while still supporting more in-depth content that conveys a deeper meaning with more context. For example, this would mean creating catchy headlines and could entice views of blog posts or videos. It would also mean creating shareable and embeddable pieces of content within those other formats - content that can live on its own and effectively convey your message.

The bottom line is that as content creators, we face more choices than ever in how we need to convey our stories.