Playing nice on Facebook
How cheerful service is crucial to building loyalty

Using each tool for what it's designed to do

Confess. Once upon a time you dragged your toolbox over to a loose piece of the house, put a small nail in your mouth, and started searching for the hammer. But someone (a child or a spouse) had left the hammer out. So you grabbed a big screwdriver and used the handle to smack the nail a couple of times. So how did that work for you? Acceptable if you're lucky. 

Sadly, we often use our communication tools the same way. In the worse case we use one tool, such as Twitter, and pump our comments out to other platforms. We 'blast' an email when Facebook would be ideal. We complain that some friends aren't on Facebook, so we have to email the message to everyone. Speaking as your Facebook friend, I call 'bullshit.' You can post it on Facebook and then email the post to the other friends. You're spamming us. 

As Luis Suarez of IBM points out, our new tools offer us an excellent opportunity to offload many of the worst emails to a more appropriate channel. If you want to be an excellent communicator, it's your job to learn how to do this. 

sort out the Q&A [emails]. The way to deal with that is to set up a blog offering the answers. The blog will be indexed by Google, and your answers will be available to everyone out there. This means you are no longer part of the bottle neck, and you are helping people to feed themselves with the information that they need.