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Morning Glance: consider how our understanding of the world evolves

We all have a theory of how the world works, shaped by experience. Book reviewer Janet Maslin allows us a glimpse into the journey taken by Donovan Hohn, following the rubber duckies washed overboard many years ago. I love this perspective: seeing life as a scientific journey, testing our theories against experience, over and over again.

NY Times: Review of 'Moby-Duck' by Donovan Hohn, 2011-Feb-21, by Janet Maslin

And he was eager to enhance his secondhand ideas about how the world works with firsthand images and experiences, which he eagerly incorporates into “Moby-Duck.” As he puts it, he was not someone, like the explorers of old, who sought to turn the world into a map. “Quite the opposite,” he says. “I wanted to turn a map into a world.”