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When communication ends, can loyalty survive?

Qv-110221a-il Business relationships can end in all the ways that personal relationships can end. And although business relationships can survive without communication, it's not advisable. When a contact cuts off communication, it's frequently a signal that the relationship is ending, but it's also possible that the consumer is dissatisfied with the way your business communicates, not with product quality or service. Ah yes, just like real life, it's complicated. 

Your messages are not measured against 'best in industry,' but against the best in the recepient's inbox. In other words, you can be 'industry standard,' boring, repetitive and self-centered. My recommendation is that you subscribe to a few fabulous newsletters are look at them regularly. Try Daily Candy, Fetchdog and Constant Contact. (Oops, and ExactTarget...) The Social Break-Up, 2011

Marketers have been focused on relevancy since the dawn of email marketing, but the idea of showing you “care” may be a new one. We sometimes hear marketers talk about “authenticity” as a key component to engaging consumers. However, the consumers we spoke to didn’t talk about authenticity. They talked about caring, and caring goes much deeper. Caring conveys the sentiment that brands place the best interests of their customers ahead of their own balance sheets.