How to think harder about serving customers
Loyalty without attention

Challenge: getting employed as a customer expert

I've worked many marketing jobs over the years, but I've never had the opportunity to do what I do best, which is developing more loyal customers. 

So this morning I ran across an article by one of my favorite authors, Bill Duggan of Columbia University. He recommends making a matrix of possible solutions and sources for studying the solutions. So here's my first stab at a matrix.

Possible solution -> Source of knowledge about that possibility

Networking -> Businesses that rely heavily on networking, such as Saurage Marketing Research, Frank White Photography

Forming a group -> Spur Interactive which helped form HiMA

Being a follower -> Promoting a well-known methodology, as does ... well, ... PopLabs is very much of a leader, but I think it does it by sticking to best practices, as does DMN3

Writing a book -> Seth Godin is the role model here, and I don't think I would ever write a long book, but he often writes very short books, and self-publishes. Maybe I could write a guide... 

Publishing a magazine -> Peppers and Rogers' 1to1Media. Yes they write books, too, but the magazine is the engine of their consulting practice. 

Now that's something worthwhile to think about!