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How to avoid customers that are too small

When deciding whether or not to work with someone, you must pay close attention to the context of their questions. Some people want to learn, and some people just really don't. For those of us who love to learn, it's mysterious but a very, very real concern. 

If your prospect doesn't understand what you do they must either 1) trust you to handle it, or 2) display a willingness to learn from you. It's hard to walk away from someone who really could use your help. Visit the link below to see a very entertaining example. 

Digital Life: The Complete Myth of Local Advertising, 2010-Nov-20, by Shelly Palmer

There is no incremental local retail advertising to be had. The money simply isn’t there. If a local company is big enough advertise, it is already doing it. If it is not big enough to advertise — there’s a reason. The myth of local advertising is that it exists at all. It simply does not.