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Innovation requires the right environment

In order to innovate, you must supply yourself with the right environment. Harvard Business School professor Teresa Amabile (author of Creativity in Context) identifies three ingredients: 1) the company of adventurous, thinking people, 2) a mission about which you're passionate, and 3) an environment that promotes learning and innovation more than efficiency and production.

Few businesses can supply these ingredients, so we have to put them together ourselves. That's why I co-founded the Houston Summit. It gathers Houston's most innovative minds, helps them find a mission, and supports them in creating temporary workspaces that support their creativity and desire to change the world.

Harvard Business Review Blog: Three Threats to Creativity, 2010-Nov-15, by Teresa Amabile

Without the creativity that produces new and valuable ideas, innovation — the successful implementation of new ideas — withers and dies. Creativity depends on the right people working in the right environment. Too often these days, the people come ill-equipped, and their work environments stink.