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Re-balancing my time and interests

Among the many ways I'm trying to reconfigure my life, establish new routines, and open myself up to new experiences, I'm going to be blogging more often, with less focus. 

Clarity is very important to me, but my life had become too fragmented. Trying to keep things separated has become a big disadvantage. So you'll soon see me talking here about everything that interests me. Perhaps I'll do more 'continued' posts so the blog is easier to scan. 

I'm still devoted the new 'viewspage' concept, but I hope that will evolve into something that can be grasped and leveraged more quickly. 

I'm also going to spend more time being a follower instead of a loner. I've chosen the VRM Project to follow and support, and I'm thinking about going to SXSW to meet other followers, as there don't seem to be any here in Houston. 

As I integrate everything, it will often happen that it's not clear what I'm talking about. It scares me to be less clear, but I think it's just a passage I have to make to a new self. 

I'm also going to start looking for employment with someone besides myself. I never thought I was any good at being an entrepreneur, but I'm tired of not having funds for my pet projects. In my past, my greatest accomplishments were as a team member at large companies, so I will be looking for a team to join. Notice that I am not looking for a job, and will not be responding to job listings. However, if you know a great business that would appreciate my contributions, please let me know.