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Twitter and I

Twitter is not a business investment for me, although it can be a valuable ally in business. I use Twitter because I enjoy it. The fact it has some benefits for my enterprises is nice, but not essential.

Recently, my joy in Twitter has been diminished by a lack of surprise and challenge in my twitter stream. I now can anticipate exactly what Monica Danna has playing on her music system. I know how Erica O'Grady feels about, well, everything. Mat Johnson will be sardonic, and sometimes I will get the joke. Marc Nathan will tell me how I'm supposed to do this entrepreneurship thing, but I miss the days when he used to narrate his day. His kids are so cute. Another guy who used to talk about his daughters all the time now focuses on his angst as a copywriter-would-be-novelist. I think he thinks that more original but it's NOT!

So this morning I started un-following people, starting with my friends that never post anyway. (If you decide to start posting in the future, let me know and I'll follow you again.) I also unfollowed businesses I thought looked interesting but turned out to be not-so-much.

And, for the record, I did not unfollow Monica, Erica, Mat or Marc. I just wish they would surpise me again.