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How to turn customer service into a marketing campaign

A growing trend among retailers is to have such fabulous customer service that it becomes a marketing campaign. The secret, I think, is to hire someone of extraordinary insight to run the customer service function. 

NY Times You're the Boss blog: Seven Steps to Managing your Online Reputation, 2010-Oct-19, Henry Posner, interviewed by David H. Freedman

“I try to give the overall impression that we’re not just a box house but an interesting place to do business with. I’ll let people know that the Met” — the Metropolitan Museum of Art — “is doing a photo contest, or Adobe is offering a free seminar. But I don’t try to fill Facebook pages with endless chatter or send something out on Twitter every 15 minutes — they’ll start seeing it as spam. The name of the game is quality of comment, not quantity. There’s a sweet spot, and if you hit it, the sales will come. I never forget that there’s a bottom line in this place, and everything I do has to eventually come back to it. If I’m going to ask for a raise here, I need to be able to say where it’s going to come from.”