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Why marketers who don't understand Facebook may be wasting their time

Facebook continues to confound me. If I enjoyed it more, I think I'd understand it better. Twitter made instant sense to me, even in the variety of ways it could be used. Many of my contacts demand Facebook involvement. So I trudged along into it, but this article makes me realize that I may be wasting my time on some aspects of it. I'm not spending any more serious effort there until I thoroughly read and considered the article below.  

Daily Beast: Cracking the Facebook Code, 2010-Oct-18, by Thomas E. Weber

Still, we were able to observe firsthand how Facebook can elevate or bury the news you want to share with your friends. For average users, cracking the Facebook code is something of a fun puzzle. But for marketers trying to tap Facebook—or individuals who see the service as a way to promote themselves—understanding how content propagates through the system is anything but a game.