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Making your customer database come alive

On being the voice in the wilderness with others saying real marketing is about attending to customers

Yes, yes, saying that real marketing is about focusing on customers and not on non-customers makes one feel like the voice in the wilderness. At least I'm not alone in the wilderness... I'm going to order this Jaffe book right away.

RIA Unplugged: An Open Challenge to Chefs, 2010-Sep-13, Ellen Malloy

I am feeling as though I'm having a harder time actually painting the picture of what restaurants "should" do. I allude to focusing on current customers and clarifying the brand and image.  And I will forever contend that restaurants that are vague or try to be something they are not (mostly this is fine-diners trying to be casual spots) generally end up in a no-man's land of restaurant purgatory. But I am not sure I gave anyone any specific to-dos.

So I was happy when I found Flip the Funnel: How to Use Existing Customers to Gain New Ones by Joseph Jaffe. Because in that book, I found a to-do and even a challenge.