The Glance for August 30, 2010: Tony Schwartz on the price of excellence (both less and more than you think)
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The Glance for September 1, 2010: Communicate effectively by saying something that matters.

I stumbled across this quote while looking for information about a different Tony Schwartz, but the information is vital to my day-to-day challenges. You can be clear and focused in your communications and still be ignored, because FIRST you have to say something that matters to people.

Tony Schwartz, The Responsive Chord, 1974

“The communicator’s problem, then, is not to get the stimuli across, or even to package his stimuli so they can be understood and absorbed. Rather, he must deeply understand the kinds of information and experiences stored in his audience, the patterning of this information, and interactive resonance process whereby stimuli evoke this stored information.” 

Discoverd in Thomas Clifford's post on his Fast Company blog.