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New insight on how partnerships drive creativity

I've known for a long time that culture influences innovation, but I haven't thought much about how partnerships enable it. This fascinating article describes how. I've quoted here the part about how our culture overlooks partnership in favor of 'sole sources.' Two is the magic number: a new science of creativity, 2010-Sep-14, by Joshua Wolf Shenk

The ultimate triumph of the idea of individualism is that it's not really seen as an idea at all. It has seeped into our mental groundwater. Basic descriptions of inter-relatedness—enabling, co-dependency—are headlines for dysfunction. The Oxford American Dictionary defines individualism as, first, "the habit or principle of being independent and self-reliant" and, second, as "a social theory favoring freedom of action for individuals over collective or state control." This lopsided contrast of "freedom" vs. "state control" is telling.

At the New Collectors group, I'm talking about great art experiences in museums

4918962410_de48056fee_m My theory is that if we have transformational experiences in museums, then we develop a desire to have terrific art in our homes, and that supports a more stimulating home life. Nuts? Come here me explain tomorrow night at the New Collectors club meeting at Goldesberry Gallery.

Our first meeting is 6 pm Tues Sept 14 at the Goldesberry Gallery, 2625 Colquitt, and we have a Facebook group. You are welcome to join us. Here's one of my favorite museums, as photographed by Ed Uthman.

What is the DNA of Houston? Getting ready for Houston Summit. Please feel free to comment. #hsce

As we get ready for the first annual Houston Summit, I've been working on how to talk about Houston. It's tricky. I've run across some things that Paul O'Connor, who worked on developing a more focused identity for Chicago said...

Paul O’Connor on City Branding at the Memphis Tourism Foundation:

A central theme of Mr. O’Connor’s presentation was that a brand is not the same as a tagline or slogan. In fact, it’s something altogether different. It’s about what a city stands for – that one overriding thing that defines its essential character and how it’s different.

He also said look at what the city has passed down, and these are things which I think the city is passing down. Please feel free to add, comment, etc.

  • A willingness to reinvent.
  • Tolerance and curiosity toward people who are different.
  • An experimental willingness to try new things.
  • Having pride in our risk-takers, such as the wildcatters .
  • A restless energy that overflows its boundaries.
  • Affection for the frontier spirit, seen in our rodeo and at NASA.

Pity CitySearch, who thinks millions of Houstonians could agree about the best restaurant in Houston?

Thanks to Albert Nurick of HTown ChowDown for catching this: A new restaurant located **35 MILES** outside Houston is rated as best restaurant in Houston by CitySearch?! And tops in a dozen other categories? Citysearch, I think somebody pulled the wool over your eyes: They clearly haven't been reading Esquire, the New York Times, or My Table magazine.

Here's the NY Times recommendation, with no Barbed Rose in sight.


Prices are based on an average dinner for two, without drinks, tax or tip.

Reef, 2600 Travis Street; (713) 526-8282; $90.

Stella Sola, 1001 Studewood Street; (713) 880-1001; $90.

Beaver’s, 2310 Decatur Street; (713) 864-2328; $70.

Textile, 611 West 22nd Street; (832) 209-7177; $170 (five-course tasting menu) or $100 (à la carte).

Block 7 Wine Company, 720 Shepherd Drive; (713) 572-2565; $60.