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Why all marketing communication has to be driven by the issues challenging the audience

Making the future where you want to be

Most organizations set out to fix a problem, not to remake the future. As I'm working on the Houston Summit, I'm thinking how different these approaches are. 100929c

One innovative Houston organization that is working create a new way of behaving is MyCityRocks. I just got the invitation for their "Rock for Houston's Youth Concert," and I'm just in awe. Learn more about the concert, and learn more about Cliff's philosophy of corporate sponsorship below.  

MyCityRocks Executive Director Cliff Kurtzman: order for an organization to truly realize the full potential of being a good corporate citizen, it must first develop a strategy that will align charitable giving activities with long-term corporate objectives and a vision of the desirable society of the future. There are a wide variety of options that an organization can use in pursuit of its philanthropic objectives. ...

The corporation should start in a proactive manner by attempting to identify which charitable causes might help shape a future that will benefit the company, and by determining the appropriate mix of each of the above four options to be used in each instance.