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Why all marketing communication has to be driven by the issues challenging the audience

Marketing communication that doesn't help somebody who's trying to resolve an issue doesn't get heard or read. News from the marketer is dead meat. If you can't address the issues pre-existing for the audience, you can't win their attention.

Marketing (UK) magazine blog 'Reinventing Marketing': The end of retailer power, 2010-Sep-22, by Alan Mitchell

I have now talked about two key mega-trends spawned by the buyer-centric revolution 1) an ongoing reconfiguration of marketing communications around the decision-making needs and processes of the buyer, rather than around the brand manager’s messaging priorities. Marketers’ new imperative is to provide information and communication that buyers think are worth searching out and paying attention to, and 2) the end of retailer power. Both of them are big, unavoidable, systemic and long term Oh, and by the way, they’re just the beginning.